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At Bonbon we want the Internet to work for you and the hard working folks that make the content you love

Let's take back the Internet

Why is it that the real value creators of the Internet get stiffed? Where did we lose our way ceding so much control to Big Tech, and how can we get on the right track?

Let’s simplify the mechanics a bit: The key Internet protagonists are you, the Consumer, who views and reads content, and Content Creators. There is a pretty simple value exchange that underpins this relationship: You get content and you pay with either: A) time you invest in watching ads, or B) money for subscriptions or downloads. No one likes either option, but that is how things work. There is no other way, and if we don’t pay we are cheating content creators. Boo.

Somewhere along the way Big Tech figured out a way to make you and your data, the product. They also figured out a way to not pay or underpay content creators. Touché.

The key to their whole scheme to function is your identity.

You see, when you log in across the Internet with Big Tech you are feeding the product. That is why Big Tech is ubiquitous asking you to login, comment, or like.

we know

There is a better way

The value exchange of the Internet can be fully transparent. Big Tech can also be removed so that more value can come back to you. That is a simple and revolutionary notion.

You can interact with the Internet you love in a more decentralized way, without Big Tech brokering anything.  You can also help content creators make more money from advertising, and not give up your identity to Big Tech. Along the way you can collect rewards for simply being you, the new Product of the internet. We call these small rewards, Bonbons.

Get it?

Do you have to compromise on privacy? No. You can help creators’ ad businesses while staying 100% in control. You can have a kill switch for any site or all sites. That’s you flexing your power.

Mission-driven disruptors

Bonbon is a new technology enablement layer for the Internet. We will make it easier and more convenient to access the content you love while making it more rewarding 

We are disruptors. We want to put consumers back in control over their digital identities and privacy while saving independent publishers and apps. Helping these companies ultimately supports creative artists and independent thinkers and keeps democracy functioning. 

 Bonbon is not a data broker, in fact we don’t own anyones digital identity or data. We never will.  The only person who owns your data is you, and you have full control over what you do with it.

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