Bonbon is a movement

That is supported by a big idea: That the value exchange of the Internet can be more transparent.

Consumers and content creators can collect their fair share. All the while putting the privacy controls of consumers above all else, without the participation of Big Tech. 

The big winners will be you, the consumer, as well as all the hard working creators that make the apps, websites and videos you love.

With Bonbon more independent and diverse voices to be heard, making our society stronger. 

Join us

The movement is supported by a growing army of technologists, privacy enthusiasts, creators, and rebels who want to see the status quo broken. 

We know that there is a better way to architect that Internet so that it works for us all. Let the playing field be leveled.

Our cause

Bonbon Technologies decentralizes power back in the hands of the key Internet value-creators. 

1) Consumers who can get rewards and enact control over targeting advertising. 

2)  Creators who can collect fair value for their content via sustainable advertising and subscription models.

Our evangelists

We are dyed in the wool ad-tech and identity experts who want to rebuild the Internet’s ad system to work for all. 

Elliott Easterling

Bonbon CEO;
Former TrueData CEO

Will McGivern-Smith

Bonbon CSO;
TrueData CSO

Jay Friedman

Bonbon Board Founder;
President Goodway Group

Linda Payson

Bonbon Advisor;
CPO Mediavine

Komal Sethi

Bonbon Advisor;
Coinlist Board Member

Join us

We are looking for an army of recruits to join our mission to make the value exchange of the internet transparent and fair.