The internet, advertising and you

Ever wonder why almost every website or app wants you to log in?

It’s about advertising.
The internet is funded by advertising. That means there’s a pretty important partnership between you and publishers (the folks who make the content).

In order to keep making content that’s not hidden behind a paywall, publishers need to show advertising – it’s how they pay the bills. But no one wants an experience filled with random ads and no one wants to add to their growing subscription payments.
Is there a better, more rewarding way?
You bet. It’s Bonbon – a better way to Internet.

What's your data really worth?

Publishers make more money for ads that are relevant to you (bonus – you also get a better experience). But how do they do it?

Publishers need to validate who you are. No one wants to be talking to bots. So they need your email address to connect the dots. But we get it, giving your email address feels very personal, and it’s your information (aka your data).

But isn't it my data?​

Yep. When you log in and surf, you’re sharing YOUR data. At Bonbon, we think it’s time you’re in control of your data and get to share in the rewards.

Signing in to your favorite sites and apps with Facebook? Google? Amazon? You’re essentially telling them where you’re going and what you’re doing. They (big tech), in turn, are using your data to line their advertising pockets. In fact, they get more than 50% of all ad dollars. 

We think it’s time to spread the wealth and reward your favorite publishers and you!
It’s time for a better, more rewarding way to internet!

Bonbon puts you in charge!

When you sign in and surf with Bonbon, you’re in control, your inbox doesn’t fill up with junk, and (the best part) you get rewarded with exclusive benefits like gifts, access to more content, and donations to causes you care about, just to name a few. We call these bonbons!

You can manage your Bonbon logins in one place, and we’ll safely and securely share data ONLY with the sites you choose to log into. No spam, and opt out at any time. Now that is sweet!

Your favorite publishers are able to make more money on advertising (not just the big guys), and that means more content you’ll love. 

Bonbon puts you in charge of who you share your data with, 

and when you do, we make sure you get rewarded.

What's your data really worth?​

Let’s face it, you’re not going to get rich off your data. The truth about advertising is as an individual, your data is not worth much, rather it’s when advertisers can find a bunch of folks who behave like you that the real magic happens.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be compensated for your data. You should get your fair share of rewards for supporting advertising on your favorite websites and apps. 

When you help your favorite brands grow their advertising, you should be rewarded. 

It’s all about the bonbons!