It's your digital identity

Ever wonder why almost every website or app wants you to log in? Well, they want your identity. Most of them partner with Big Tech to get it, letting them know where you go and what you are doing. In exchange for a little log-in convenience you give up a lot: your privacy and all the ad dollars that these companies make off of your private data.

At Bonbon we think you deserve more control and rewards. 

If Big Tech has made you and your data the real product of the internet, then you should assert your ownership and control. You should set the terms for how your data is used and you should be able to revoke it at any time.  Seems pretty reasonable right?

Keeping it real

We're pragmatic visionaries

Let’s face it, no one is going to get rich off their data. That does not mean you should ignore its value. What you should do is get your fair share of rewards for supporting advertising on your favorite websites and apps. 

Most of these companies depend on advertising to operate, and when you help them grow their ad business, they should reward you back.

We call these small rewards Bonbons. 

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