Advertising is broken, but it's still fixable

As cookies and other IDs go the way of the dodo bird, and big tech continues to refer less traffic, independent publishers are struggling to create great ad supported content.

Why is addressable advertising so important?  

Addressable ads are worth 3x more than those that aren’t. Critical advertising functions like frequency capping, audience building, and measurement all require addressability – otherwise it’s anyone’s guess as to what’s actually working.

Meanwhile, big tech talks a good game about consumer data privacy all while lobbying (let’s face it – their pockets are deep) and stacking the deck in their favor. We call it weaponizing data privacy – and it’s not okay!

When you allow users to log into your sites and apps using big tech, they’re continuing to gobble up more of the addressable advertising ecosystem pie.

It has to stop. For the good of the open internet, consumers, and the industry we love.

We’re here to change it!

We know what you want

 (and what you need)

We know publishers need a solution that will:

  • Build real engagement and boost ad rates.
  • Respect the consumer’s choice and control.
  • Give you real control over your own destiny without having to lose or share your data with big tech.
  • Be viable and compliant even with the passing of the next state privacy law.
  • Stand the test of time as technology continues to evolve.

AI-powered, hyper-contextual offers

Bonbon’s technology delivers rewards and offers consumers crave. Our platform comes bundled with hundreds of available consumer rewards. 

Our AI targets rewards to users in a hyper-contextually way. This drives higher registration rates and more content consumption. See the results for yourself:

Why it works​

Legacy advertising IDs have been replaced by encrypted email-based identifiers. That’s a big improvement.

However, the challenge is they require consumers to register, and most websites see only a 0.1% registration rate. That’s a whole lot of people you’re missing a connection with!

On top of that, these solutions aren’t offering anything back to consumers, who are getting savvier by the day when it comes to the value of their personal data.

Bonbon Technologies is building a better way for consumers to engage and  authenticate (log in) AND for you to enable addressable advertising within your site or app.

You get to grow your engagement and advertising revenues and consumers get rewarded, building a little extra brand love for you! (Oh, and you get more independence from big tech)

Seriously – it’s a win-win-win.

We're serious about data privacy​

With Bonbon, you’ll work with a technology partner that’s built on a privacy-by-design framework from start to finish, making our solution future resilient for whatever comes next.
No more privacy liabilities, only fully consented customer relationships.

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